KIFC Center Scores LEED v4 O + M: EB Platinum Certification

It is exciting to learnt from our client that at the award ceremony of the GreenBuild China 2019 China Green Building Conference, KIFC was awarded LEED v4 O + M: EB Platinum certification with 102 points, the highest score in Greater China and the second highest score in the world. The world’s super Class A green building leader. Obtaining the Leed certification hailed as the “Oscar” in the green building industry with a high score is enough to prove that the indicators of KIFC have reached the highest level in the industry. Especially in the LEED’s 8 major assessment modules, Kaihua passed the assessment with a perfect score or close to the perfect score.

In order to allow all tenants to breathe fresh air, KIFC is equipped with an international-grade fresh air system. The fresh air volume is up to 40 cubic meters / hour / person, and the fresh air filtering PM2.5 value is up to 99%. KIFC is equipped with advanced intelligent water-saving sanitary ware and has formulated a scientific water management system. The water-saving rate of the building is 52.45%. KIFC is committed to creating a green garden in the downtown area. It has highly reflective wall materials + three layers of LOW-E glass curtain walls, which effectively reduce the heat island effect and light pollution. The construction materials used by KIFC are basically locally sourced, and tenants are encouraged to use environmentally friendly building materials whenever possible. At the same time, Kaihua works closely with all tenants to promote the separation and recycling of building waste. At present, the recovery rate of office consumables has reached 83.74%. KIFC uses LED energy-saving lamps + wireless daylight sensors, which can automatically adjust the lighting brightness according to the light. 100% German instant electric water heater, fast heating, energy saving up to 85%.

KIFC is located in the core area of Guangzhou Pearl River New City, and the surrounding public transportation is in all directions. According to statistics, more than 95% of the work and visitors choose green travel. In addition, in terms of energy and atmosphere, innovation, and regional priority, Kaihua also passed the assessment with near-perfect performance. It is worth mentioning that KIFC regularly organizes various types of environmental protection activities every year, arousing the public’s attention to green, nature and environmental protection, and has held the “natural and natural” environmental art exhibition for 3 consecutive years. Environmental protection is an attitude and a way of life. The concept of greenness and health is rooted in the operating ideas of KIFC, and is implemented in the details of planning, operation and service. Obtaining LEED certification is a new beginning. In the future, KIFC will continue to explore sustainable development and create a comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly high-quality green office environment.