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Assistant Interior Designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Designer assistants need to participate in the preliminary research, scheme design, initial design, construction drawings, etc. of large-scale projects;

2. Need to participate in the completion of various drawings, work model production and text layout;

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in university interior design or related majors;

2.Familiar with the use of CAD and other related design software; Familiar with the drawing of flat, vertical, section, and large nodes

Familiar with Sketchup, Rhino, PowerPoint, Photoshop and other performance software is preferred;

4.Designers familiar with model making are preferred;

5.Has strong space design ability;

6.Able to understand the concept of scheme design accurately, be proficient in the company’s drawing specifications and relevant national standards, and carefully implement the company’s various operating procedures;

7. Have good communication and coordination skills, strong thinking and logic skills, and teamwork spirit.

8. Designers with excellent professionalism, ethical standards and loyalty, and excellent recommendation letters are preferred