Guangzhou International Textile City Renovation

Guangzhou International Textile City is reopened after renovation. The project is located in Guangzhou. It is the largest professional market for modern light textiles with the largest single building area in Asia. It has a construction area of 300,000 square meters and more than 4,000 shops. It currently brings over 3,000 fabrics at home and abroad. The accessories brand merchants, with the advantages of complete varieties, affordable prices and advanced trading modes, attract more and more international buyers and gradually become the first choice for buyers of domestic and foreign fabric accessories.

But with the times, it needs to be upgraded and transformed to make it more experienced and embody a sense of fashion. The design concept of Guangzhou International Textile City is to optimize its streamline to make the streamline clearer. The atrium has been upgraded and a large-scale led screen has been added. The old function hall has been upgraded and added to the wood grain arc. The elements and lighting have turned into a very stylish function room.