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The Sunshine Coast project is located in the Sanya Bay area of China, close to the Luhuitou Scenic Area, with mountains on three sides, facing the sea on the west, and close to the city center. The fishing port along the coast has been transformed into a cultural corridor integrating yachts, bars and food. From the surrounding high-rise buildings and the Luhuitou Scenic Area, we can see the fifth façade. On this façade, we designed a large roof that is coherent in each building. The large roof is not only equipped with a solar power system, but also shades people in public areas. And shelter from the rain, perfectly adapted to the local hot and rainy climate.

The large roof covers the entire coastal area, where people can move during the day and night, and the various buildings are integrated into the large roof, providing a variety of indoor entertainment spaces. At the two ends of the fifth façade, there is an o-shaped landmark hotel and a super-high-rise building with a façade. The elegant coastal buildings are located behind the large roof of the fifth façade. Good and not obscured by the public buildings in front, the design of the house is transparent, which is conducive to natural ventilation.

Project details

Client: Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port Development Co., Ltd.
Location: Sanya, China
Date: 2016
GFA: 400,000 sqm