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YUWA Hotel Renovation Project is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The hotel’s 90 hotel rooms and 200 serviced apartments have been redesigned to remodel the entire building’s streamlines. The hotel and the apartment share a lobby, which is connected by a corridor and a back yard. Guests can walk into the back yard to rest, enjoy the scenery, make the whole streamline more poetic and relaxed.
There are hotel serviced apartments, commercial office buildings and local businesses. At the same time, natural light is brought into the stairs and the new lounge, making the hotel environment more natural and transparent. The hotel’s well-designed Japanese restaurant offers a warm, sophisticated and modern environment. The main space in the main restaurant is a three-dimensional wall made of wood. The other spaces are sushi bar, tatami room and four private rooms. The kitchen can work efficiently and meet the needs of the restaurant. Naturally soft light is another important feature of the restaurant design as it brings the intimate and comfortable atmosphere that the public demands today.
The simple, minimalist style reflects a natural, healthy and comfortable lifestyle. In the middle of the city, it provides a comfortable returning home.

Project details

Client: YUWA Hotel Group
Location: Guangzhou, China
Date: 2016
GFA: 20,000 sqm