The SEG Maker Education Technology Experience Center project is located on the 7th floor of China International Consumer Electronics Show and Exchange Center (CEEC). A one-of-a-kind parent-child education technology experience activity center with the theme of “Creator Education”, which integrates technology, culture, education, competition, parent-child experience, student growth and many more.
The theme of the fixed-area venues is clear, from the entrance of the “breaking shell – reception interactive experience” to “growth – black technology + future consumption scene experience”, “risk – interactive theme experience area”, etc., creative and coherent theme. The theme connects each experience area perfectly as a whole. In addition to the reception desk and brochure display rack, the “Broken Area” also features a robot for automatic ticket sales and a cool LED large-screen circular display experience library. The large steps set in the “Flying Area” facilitates for the audience to watch the performances, and also provides a wonderful road show venue for school teaching and student work.
Local areas allow for flexible content changes as needed. In order to implement the design concept of sustainable development, the venue design uses environmentally friendly materials. The plastic carpet on the ground and the painted steel plate on the wall greatly enhance the sense of technology and modernity of the experience hall.

Project details
Client: Shenzhen SEG Group Location: Shenzhen, China Date: 2018 GFA: 1800 sqm