The OCT Coast Project is located in Haikou, Hainan, the first floor and the second floor are equipped with a sales area of 17,500 square meters. The business of the block is more attractive than the traditional shopping center because of the deeper experience of the business, especially in the online shopping era. More streets allow businesses to have more display windows, and a two-story indoor space allows businesses to make better use of space. Many flagship stores and restaurants love this two-story space.
The purpose of commercial space is arranged above three floors. The cloister of the traditional shopping center layer blocks people’s sight and has a poor experience. The scale of the atrium is large enough to attract people to stay. In order to enhance the sense of experience, use the flying ladder to contact various commercial spaces, such as aquariums, cinemas, food courts, art galleries. Connected to the air platform through the flying escalator, giving people a new urban experience and developing the block business to high altitude.
The building’s façade blends with the outdoor landscape, attracting people directly along the outdoor ramps on the second and third floors. On the west side, a roof flat garden and a landscape step are set along the river to give a three-dimensional outdoor space experience.

Project details

Client: OCT
Location: Haikou, China
Date: 2019
GFA: 123,000sqm