The project is located in Times Future City, Changping Town in Dongguan. The total area of the project is 51885 m2. Targeting a new generation of intelligent talents, we propose a modern community that is designed to be a vibrant and fascinating modern city, building an ecological building that combines with nature, and adopting a simple and high-quality design to integrate technology. The intellectual element is built into an innovative cultural community that is suitable for living and diversified. The “well” word slows down the greenway and connects the entire park to increase the vitality of the park. The shape of the tube is used in the shape of the building. The shape is light and active, and the structure of the building is patchy. It forms an elegant skyline with high and low undulations, which makes the future city of the future become a green park city and form a sustainable industrial demonstration in Dongguan area.

Project details

Client: Times China
Location: Dongguan, China
Date: 2018
GFA: 200,000 sqm