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What is the business of ATD?
Urban design, architectural design, interior design and landscape design.

What are the characteristics of ATDesignoffice design?
Innovative concepts optimize traditional functions, respect the environment and climate, and open up new spaces for design fields with a new architectural system.

What is the design type that ATDesignoffice is good at?
Education and office buildings have always been the place where ATDesignoffice prides itself on integrating experience and fun into learning and work, and adhering to the concept of building-affecting life, creating a people-oriented architectural environment.

What is the design process of ATDesignoffice?
The complete design process of a typical project is: project establishment – business negotiation – contract signing – plan design – planning report construction – preliminary design – budget estimate – construction drawing design – tendering – design submission – site coordination or on-site – participation completion acceptance – project return visit

Where is ATDesignoffice China’s branch, how to solve the qualification problem in China?
We have established permanent offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China, and project offices in Guangzhou, Haikou, Qionghai and Wuhan. ATDesignoffice has British design qualifications. The projects in China are co-operated with local design institutes. The stamps are managed by the cooperative design institute.

What is the charging standard for ATDesignoffice and how fast is it to complete the project?
Our fees are based on market standards. When we guarantee high quality and high standards, we will adjust according to the time required by Party A to complete the design at the most efficient speed.

How is the ATDesignoffice project team staff equipped?
The project is led by the design director, who is responsible for the sub-task and daily communication, and leads the young design assistant team to design and build the project.

How does ATDesignoffice train employees?
After the employees join the company, they will be led by our senior design directors, and develop a comprehensive long-term training development plan based on the characteristics of the employees themselves.

Will ATDesignoffice organize academic events?
We are often invited to participate in academic forums and exhibitions at home and abroad as well as in mainland China. Many professional lectures will also be organized within the company.

What is the working atmosphere of ATDesignoffice?
Our company’s collective members are in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, where you can boldly put forward your own ideas, and we give everyone a chance to try and miss.

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