Travelling Sponsorship

ATDesignOffice Travelling Scholarship invites applications from schools of architecture in China. A £3,000 grant will be awarded to one student by a panel of judges which includes Design Directors from ATDesignOffice.

The scholarship is intended to fund international research on a topic related to the survival of our heritages, in a location of the student’s choice. The scholars may travel through China, the Americas, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, the Middle and the Far East, and Russia. Proposals for research might include: learning from the past to inform the future; the future of society; the density of settlements; sustainability; the use of resources and the quality of urban life.

For further information on eligibility criteria and how to apply please email

Artist Sponsorship

AT DesignOffice offers support and sponsorship for organizations and individuals for exhibitions. The sponsorship is intended to commission, create, and produce work across all art and design forms, to provide the facilities for artist and designers.

If you have any questions about applying for the Sponsorship please email

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