Yuzhou commerce office is located in the xihu district of hangzhou, the bridge of the bridge of the river bridge is the landmark location, the design of the building reflects the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture. In the design of the facade, we use the Chinese bogu shelf, which combines the steps in the original structure. In order to make the outer walls of the building appears more lightsome, entity part on the surface, in the light present different contrast, exquisite transparent effect, in order to achieve the west and the east wall and concave and convex surface, provides a better shade, and towards the river and north and south park, make indoor more bright and transparent.

Building corner much USES glass, maximize Angle the commercial value of the room, wall material is made of the imported roller coated steel plate, the durability of 25 years, the service life of aluminum plate than normal enhanced more than five times. Functional space first perfect harmony with surrounding recreational environment, in order to attract more people, building entrance to create a landmark canopy design, a cafe in the square, leisure and entertainment facilities, and so on.

Date      2016
Location     Hangzhou, China
Site area     20000㎡
Functions    office


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