YuZhou Central Town Phase Three  Hefei

Yuzhou central city is located in the east and south corner of the new district logistics road and the city road. Our overall plan for yuzhou central city is to build a dynamic residential community that combines tourism, home, catering and entertainment. Focus on the position of the business from the subway station is three hundred meters, we along the northern green belts of subway station directly to build a park put them together and concentrate on business streamline is Y, respectively contact three main export of stream of people, to build a large square, middle design gardens, attract more traffic, on the top floor to create a shade and electricity from solar panels movie park, urban farm, bars and other places of pay attention to the entertainment culture of green environmental protection, make it more attractive, at the same time the level of the centralized business facade using color visor, gives its good shade, reduce air conditioning energy consumption.

Make this project the dynamic economic plate culture leisure destination, residential and commercial community and create organic whole city landmark core area which is the core of our design. At the same time, combine with the first-class environmental protection sustainable design method, strive to make it a place that is rich in passion and attractive.

Date      2016
Location      HeFei, China
Site area     119023㎡
Functions     masterplan, commercial

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