Yangyuan Regeneration Masterplan  Wuhan

Wuhanyang garden is the university gate of wuchang. Wuhan Yangtze river second bridge, the bridge stands in Yang Yuan south end, linjiang avenue road, peace avenue and friendship throughout the area between the north and the south road, wuchang town and castle peak district. The base area is 126.46 hectares, the construction area is 44110,000 square meters, the public housing ratio is 4:6. We hope to build a Renaissance new Yang garden, which belongs to wuchang, to increase the sense of well-being and belonging of community residents, so that Yang yuan retains its own characteristics and people. We are not just thinking about architecture, but more importantly, the people who create their own characteristics.

Along the venation of space and time, looking for the authenticity of the original in the cultural heritage, we look for a future happy blueprint, including creative design industry core, iron machine road business services, industrial heritage park district, cultural life, the compound, ring plant life form a complete set, creative household development area, polytechnic training education, life form a complete set of high-end business district area, riverside headquarters nine regions, and through the 7.7 km long turquoise necklace in series connection of the region and the surrounding communities, leisure for the public to create a full of vitality of the basin of city culture.

Date      2016
Location      WuHan, China
Site area     351公顷
Functions     Office, culture, business

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