Xinzhou Tourist Route Landscape Design  Wuhan

Sponge ideas transform the original channel

The water bank of the stream will be more varied. Winding streams and aquatic plants

It has natural water purification function and has the ecological diversity of plants and animals in the water area.

Combine the wooden walkway and the adjacent level of the shoreline.

Through natural experience road through the farmland, streams, and dense planting area, can learn about crops, ecological water management, knowledge of the nature of the animal and plant and soil.

Sponge ideas transform the original channel

The water surface sets up ecological floating islands to enhance the capacity of natural water

The combination of water and water in the waterfront is enhanced by the ecological shoreweir, which is connected to the waterfront trails

Ecological floating islands, dealing with agricultural water. A natural filtration system that is full of diverse plants.

The ecological bonyan combines water control and traffic

Ecological wetland

Date      2015
Location     Wuhan, China
Site area     27.5ha
Functions     masterplan

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