Linkong New Town Airport Centre D Campus  Wuhan

For asphalt street park of motor transport network, on both sides of the building and near the road landscape sketch and planting synthetic delicate street landscape, and each node will park in series to form the whole. Pedestrian flow associated with the roadway, the width of each region pedestrian in landscape design is optimized and improved, local node expanding processing, sidewalk and stay facilities equipped with the leisure chair. The main axis of the central axis is the main axis of the central axis, which creates attractive and characteristic trails in spring and autumn by planting the colored leaves and trees.

Take advantage of open space to form a focal point of view. Form a “release” with spatial tension. In the long and narrow streets, the green planting is applied, the green landscape of the road is the focal point of the landscape, reflecting the sense of space.

Integrated services building surrounding area spanning tree array square, into the water, deck and trees, the elements of the garden, play the important role of the campus portal landscape impression. The main axis of nanbei is the important role of the active space, which forms the culture, the accumulation, the fitness, the meditation different personality and the interesting space. And through the selection of native plants and the technology of eco-water management

Use the combination of the whole design process. To make the ecological energy conservation sustainable in the park.

Date      2015
Location      Wuhan, China
Site area     45000㎡
Functions      commercial

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