Kingston Town offers over 300 spacious hotel rooms as well as serves as the commercial town centre in this tourism region. The theme of the town takes inspiration from the townscape in Britain. There are various square interconnected with pedestrian streets. The main square is covered by a glass canopy in Victorian style. The ground floors of the town are mainly shops and restaurant. There is also a visitor centre and a church for wedding service. While the buildings follow the traditional British architecture style, the landscape and street lighting contains some contemporary features.

Date               2010-11
Location      Fengdu, China
Site                 area 2 ha
GFA               45.900 sqm

  • > ATDesignoffice release design for the Floating City
  • > ATDesignoffice流行美时尚总部的M空间
  • > 广州国际生态建筑精品展-ATDESIGNOFFICE展区
  • > ATDesignOffice签约宝能城西丽项目
  • > 新空间的探索系列讲座
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