Jianghan valley is located west of changqing road, north of changqing park, south of the third ring line. Planning emphasizes the function of the pluralistic and compound, innovation of intelligent manufacturing area, fashion shaughnessy area, business headquarters, creative wenbo, industry service area, neighborhood center of life, and the comprehensive area at an organic whole, the realization of the maximum in the limited land intensive unified. Make full use of the park expo garden and evergreen park landscape value of the open space, to create “two horizontal two vertical” landscape corridor network, and connected to the central landscape nodes, the design of landscape features, will be green infiltrated area, present continuous rich landscape.

Create parks that inspire creativity, energy and charm, and encourage collaboration across disciplines. To park the lack of parking problem, we will first as a parking lot and unmanned area, as the main entrance of the square landscape floor on the second floor, through the platform and the corridor connection between land, to create more flexible interesting public space and experience on foot. The roof garden can effectively cool the heat insulation, enrich the city landscape and improve the green coverage of the whole park.

Date      2016
Location      Wuhan, China
Site area     113ha
Functions     masterplan

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