Guangzhou International Textile City Regeneration  Guangzhou

The textile clothing industry occupies the important position in national economy, since 1995 has become the world’s largest textiles producer and exporter, along with the accession to the WTO and the further reform and opening up, China has become one of the most striking parts of the world, the textile industry is one of the strong industry after China’s entry into WTO, its economic performance particularly prominent, focusing on the global economy, China will become the world textile industry’s leading superpower. In the next few years, the total output value of textile industry will remain above 6.3 percent, and the total output value of the textile industry will reach 110 billion yuan in 2005. The total output value of garments will be around 100 billion yuan.

 Date      2015
Location      Guangzhou, China
Site area     250,000㎡
Functions      commercial

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