Floating City  China

The basic unit is 150 meters long, with a length of 30 meters of concrete precast. In planar layout, the area can be a pentagon with an equilateral triangle as a grid position. Prefabricated components can also be stacked vertically. At the time of construction, the components were shipped to the water city for assembly in a floating manner after the production of the prefabricated concrete plant.

The water city is far from the mainland and has a perfect internal and external transportation system. Among them are cruise port terminals serving large cruise ships, marina for small yachts, and docks for civilian submarines. Internal traffic is given priority to with public transport, traffic tools for submarines and power manned space, different from the traditional car as the main transportation land cities, avoid the atmospheric pollution caused by automobile exhaust. The main traffic is handled through water and water channels. Urban areas are designed to live, breed and recycle. There are two green belts in the water city, one in the water and the other in the water. The surface provides a public space for exercise and breathing fresh air, underwater for recreational activities

The water city will provide world-class facilities and additional land use for the long-term needs of human habitation. Environmental issues such as noise and waste will be addressed in innovative strategic ways. Our development and related infrastructure design will have a positive impact on society and economy. The design will meet the long-term infrastructure and the need of sustainable development, and at the same time also can bring more sweat education, entertainment, employment and business opportunities, create a vibrant, diverse and sustainable social and economic platform.

Date      2012
Location     China
Site area    100000㎡
Functions    commercial

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