East Lake Green Belt Landscape&Masterplan  Wuhan

Wuhan east lake landscape transformation whole green road, along the Banks of the different position set up different node, including the viewing platform, overpasses, square, FangYingTai, playground, etc., are fully tap. In this design, we set up a total of five pedestrian bridge to solve the subchannel and accessibility problems along the Banks of the lake, in which every two bridge node distance less than 500 m, and combined with different landscape design around, like a footbridge connects the li bai FangYingTai and on the big square and wading steps steps; There is an aquarium and a small building that connects the two sides of the road. The cherry blossom square of wuhan university, in the form of cross street square, brought lotka to the shore of the lake, making better use of the east lake resources. In addition, the garden tianqiao is also worth mentioning. The bridge is full of flowers, which bring the bridge and the broken mountain together.

Wuhan university section introduced the concept of function with green, the pedestrian zone, rest, facilities, bicycle with different functional areas, the logic is clear, and closely combined with the surrounding community environment, with grace of the scale of the foil no yoga elegant. Green belt to the 2.5 m wide bicycle lanes, can make visitors or residents along the shore all the way through which has the function of the ecological water purification rainbow bridge and the aquatic of modern exhibition hall, walking in the shadows of tall plane trees, through the cherry blossoms of wuhan university square, broad playground lawn, came to the water floating bed of swimming pool and the coffee shop, drink a cup of coffee here again to move forward, on the colorful beautiful garden bridge, again, when he saw the road central old tree in front of it to the end of the journey.

 Date      2015
Location      Wuhan, China
Site area     17ha
Functions     masterplan

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