CCCC-FHDI South Western R&D Headquarter  Chengdu

This project is located in the chengdu tianfu new town, which is part of the city design of the chengdu science city. According to the design of this city, the project base is the location of the lakeside section of the lake, which is located on the coast of hunan. The project base is composed of 3 blocks, which is named 1, 2 and 3 by north to south. With this goal, designers in the design of function set to join the customer center and training center, walking on 1 site layout on both sides of the axis, after a passenger center set up for the site of the hotel building (experts), arrange the west side of an office building. Corporation in block 2 is mainly for office and rental office buildings, among which plots 1, 2, underground is linked together, a long ramp in the block from the 1st to bring people into the 2 block on the central axis of ecological island. In the ecological cloud, there is room for art exhibitions, and the cloud is a hub connecting the 1 and 2 plots, and the two sides of the building 2.

On the design of the building, we adopt the way of setting of central patio reach the interaction between office floors, and set up the hanging gardens, designed the hanging in the lobby of the Lao at the bottom of the chamber, create vibrant office space.

The four office towers in the field have different heights based on the planning limits, and they work together to map the skyline of the hunan bank. In addition to being connected through the basement through the basement, they are connected by Bridges in the air, adding to the connections and interactions between the offices. In addition, block 1 and 2 as the design of the landscape axis, not only the landscape road, also become the plot itself in the south of no. 3 block house ceded a landscape corridors, are people who live here can distance to plot the xinglong lake in front of the lake.

Date      2015
Location      Chengdu, China
Site area     910000㎡
Functions     masterplan, commercial

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