In practice, the design direction is guided by the design directors. The team structure ensures personal service and close contact between the design team and the client, from the first meetings to the hand-over of the finished building. As part of this process, key members of the design team may move with the project to the building site, wherever that is in the world, and can maintain a local office until the project is complete.

The design of each new project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally by the design directors. From the initial stages of reviewing the brief and concept design, the team is open in discussion of ideas for all aspects of the project. A main concept design or a couple of options may be chosen and put forward for formal creative review where the design is tested amongst the team to ensure all facets are considered. The team leader will then take forward the project to develop the detail and work on plans, sections, elevations, and many other graphics to support the ideas. The leader may select a team to help prepare these documents for the client review. These processes of design and review are very important as they keep ideas flowing and place the projects intent, creativity, purpose and function at the forefront of our minds. We work closely with the client to ensure all targets are met through setting out a clear strategy of design and delivery of the project.

Our hands-on approach within the studio helps to enhance our creativity. All our designers use trace paper to draw over plans and overlay ideas and concepts. The simplicity of hand drawing generates an organic approach that computer aided drafting may not be able to display. This also brings together the designers as they are able to physically manipulate paper and thus ideas together in meetings. We pride ourselves in our ability to convey information and project concepts to detailed drawings with our hand drawing skills. However we understand the importance of delivering in a wide variety of formats and therefore have a strong digital understanding of processing ideas.

The arrival of digital technologies has allowed us to design and build structures with complex geometric forms. The practice has an advanced 3D computer modeling capability which allows our ideas to be brought to life. One of the most important features of this technology is the ability to allow us to trial and test the scale and quality of our design. While new technologies have transformed the way we work, traditional model making still plays a crucial role.

In presenting our works, we rely on our exceptional graphics to convey the ideas. We’re skilled in a number of presentation aiding programs and we’re able to generate plans and details in Microstation and provide full detailed design packages when required. Through our virtual design platform, our headquarter office can work remotely with our site offices and client remotely.

Our thorough processes from concept design to design documentation prove our complete knowledge and understanding of design process. We provide the most efficient and responsive service possible and relay back to the client with confidence and assurance that we can deliver the best service.



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