What did we do for the society as an architect?

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What did we do for the society as an architect?

The most important thing in China is the house. The rapid development in the past 30 years has left a pile of houses, but we have found that these houses do not necessarily meet our ideals. What we need in the city is not the house itself, but also the space and content between the houses… Fortunately, the buildings and the city are flexible, and the structures built in the past can be adapted to the new needs.

ATDESIGNOFFICE has made several remarkable renovation projects in China in recent years, involving different scales: Changsha Sany Yungu, Wuhan Yanjiang Avenue, Shenzhen Yanba Expressway Landscape, Shenzhen Qianhai AEA International School, Shenzhen Futian District Shuiwei Village Flyover… In the face of these projects, we respect history and the environment, draw lessons from all corners of the world, and spend a lot of time exploring with our customers.

From manufacturing to “intelligence”


Sany Heavy Industry is the world’s largest producer of excavators. Its base covers an area of 143 hectares and is 30 minutes from the city center. This area has gradually become the sub-center of the city. In order to meet the needs of urban expansion and industrial transformation, Sany hopes to transform this industrial park into a new type of park integrating multi-standard factory buildings, new R&D office buildings and supporting facilities. The product is positioned as intelligent manufacturing. , industrial design, industrial robots, experimental testing, intelligent sensing, intelligent incubator and other intelligent, digital industries and related ancillary services.
The land is transgender here, and the government is very cautious in approving the case. The project is one of the key projects in Changsha City in 2018, and the Prime Minister has also visited it.

Our renovation program has continued the establishment of a large park running through the East Avenue of the existing park, changing the DNA of the old factory area. The park will contact the different functions of the new park – office, new industry, hotel, commercial, dining and living, and connect small parks and greenways in various neighborhoods.

This park is the core of the new industrial park and the vitality center of the future, which greatly enhances the quality of the park. The road extending from the park to both sides is made as narrow as possible to increase the walking experience.

The Greenway Park also designed a greenway, which is a convenient way for jogging and bicycle users. It also provides a battery car transfer service, hoping to reduce the dependence of park users on the car. In the two ends of the park and the central part of the park set up different characteristics of the business format, forming an organic combination of industry, residence and business.

Design Director: Fan Tie
UK ATDESIGNOFFICE Design Director, Antox Architectural Design Consultants Limited
Royal Institute of Architects Registered Architect
Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Deputy Director of the Sustainable Development Design Committee of Guangdong Environmental Art Design Industry Association
Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Shenzhen Professional Committee of China Architecture Association Interior Design Association
Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Youth in the UK in 2009
Engaged in the urban design, architectural design and landscape design industry for 20 years, the projects he has participated in and hosted have won the highest international honors – including the British Sterling Gold Award and the European Modern Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award, and participated in the Beijing International Airport T3 flight in China. In the landmark building, the West Kowloon Cultural District and other landmark projects, the ATDESIGNOFFICE team led by him won the largest commercial development project in China on the “Belt and Road” for the state-owned China Harbour in 2014 – 230 hectares of Colombo Harbour City, Sri Lanka, 2016 The 258-meter super high-rise Kaihua International Center designed on the central axis of Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town has won the honor of China Quality for three years. In 2018, it was recommended by the British Consulate to be the design of the Nanning Garden Expo Park.

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